Ancient Mysteries of Circassian and Egyptian Mythologies - by Selcuk Baglar

Ancient Mysteries of Circassian and Egyptian Mythologies : Narts and Neters 

Author: Selcuk Baglar 


Publisher ‏ : ‎ Independently published (March 27, 2022)

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From the beginning, the corpses of the Egyptian pharaohs were mummified, but they were buried not in Egypt, but in their homeland, the Caucasus. In time, hostile tribes came between their homeland and Egypt, which was ruled by the pharaohs. So, the Egyptians began to bury their pharaohs in Egypt. In fact, Egypt's Book of the Dead is not a book of pious prayers describing a metaphysical paradise, but a topographic map depicting the entire Caucasus, from Taman to Baku, with its mountains, valleys, cities, and peoples living on it, as well as the gods who are considered to reign in those regions.

The Egyptians called their homeland Duat. The area between the sunrise mountain of Bakha and the sunset mountain of Manu was called Duat by the ancient Egyptians. About 100 gods living in Duat were called Neter by the ancient Egyptians. Many of the Neters were responsible for protecting the sun god Ra. There was a river flowing parallel to the sunrise mountain Bakha and the sunset mountain Manu mountain range. The only place in the world that fits this description is the Caucasus. The easternmost tip of the Caucasus mountain range is Bakha, or Baku, while the westernmost tip is Manu, or Taman. Because of their geographical location, the Caucasus Mountains are sacred mountains for all ancient civilizations that worshipped the cult of the sun.

The Circassians, the autochthonous people of the Caucasus, called the characters in their mythology as Narts. The ancient Egyptians called the characters Neteru, which were called Nart by the Circassians, but interestingly the name Nart was also mentioned in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. In other words, both the Circassian Mythology of Narts and the Neter Mythology of the Egyptians are actually narratives that have survived from the Books of the Dead recorded in Egypt. In this book you will see a comparative reading of the Nart Mythology of the Circassians and the Neter mythology of the ancient Egyptians. This book will make you reconsider many things you know about ancient Egypt.